Wednesday 22 April 2015

Somewhat interesting stuff in the middle of nowhere

I had taken a side road a week ago on a weekend and ran across a Seventh Day Adventist Church in a rural area east of where I live. There is the church built in 1949, a large building in back big enough to store farm equipment, a fair sized graveyard nearby and across the road is a very small school. There are two houses nearby and no others in the immediate vicinity. I looked up the church online and it still holds services and the grounds are extremely well kept. I could not find any information on the school. This sort of thing is not that unusual. Driving along on secondary highways you will see signs that point to turnoffs to bible institutes of differing denominations situated in the middle of nowhere. Being removed from temptation likely helps you to study. 

What did we ever do before Google Maps?

1 comment:

  1. Nice to see the building is well kept. Some of the little churches around here on the back roads are old and shabby. Probably not too many parishioners left to do the upkeep.