Thursday 30 April 2015


I was scrolling through Google Maps tracing an old rail line. The line runs north/south crossing Township Road 320. It is only about fifty-five minutes from where I live so I took a quick run there after work one day.

Not much is there. I could not find any information on this place online. The origin of the name is unknown. I imagine it was a railroad siding at one point. The tracks and ties were torn up years ago and the barest outline of what once was a rail line exists.

Looking north from Township Road 320. April 9, 2015.

Apparently this building is an old CP Rail railroad shack. The rail line is behind running along the trees. When rail lines were abandoned it really affected areas. There was more here at one time.


  1. Rails and roads always seem to go together side by side.

  2. Call me crazy (many have), but I'm really drawn to abandoned rail roadbeds, even if there's often little to see. I just stand there and imagine all the freight being moved and maybe passengers travelling to who knows where, and then I get lost in the moment.