Tuesday 21 April 2015

Somewhat ambitious road trip planned

One of my goals this summer is to strike a few destinations off my list. I have three of the seven ferries in this province left to visit. I figure I may be able to get to the two most northern ones in a long weekend or stretch it into a four day weekend. Those being the La Crete Ferry and the Shaftesbury Ferry. If I had the time another 250 kilometres from the La Crete Ferry would put me in the Northwest Territories. I have flown to Yellowknife before so I have been further north. I have not been further north than Grande Prairie in Alberta by road. 

Getting the hard part of the journey out of the way is my plan. I can catch the next destination on the way back.

And off home. There aren't a lot of options when it comes to routes to take home. A large part of it will be retracing my steps on the way back.


  1. Just looked on Google Earth - That is one heck of a trip to do on a long weekend! 'Hope you have enough time to stop and take pics!

    1. The advantage of being single, no children, and not dating is that I get to indulge my dumb ideas on occasion. August 3 of this year is a holiday in Alberta so that is the tentative date. I should be easily able to make it from my current location to Edmonton after work on a Friday which will give me a jump on the rest of the trip.