Saturday 25 April 2015

Jasper, Alberta

I have been to Banff and Jasper several times. Out of the two my favourite will always be Jasper. Banff seems to get more attention and tourists. You will usually see tourists from all over the world in Banff. The Trans Canada Highway is four lanes going through Banff, it is only two lanes going by Jasper. The town of Jasper is a bit smaller and quieter which is why I love it. If you ever find yourself in Jasper make sure you check out the Jasper Park Lodge. It is a few miles out of Jasper and well worth seeing. I recommend you do not stay at the Lodge. I have stayed there a few times and you can stay overnight in Jasper itself for less money and be more comfortable. You frequently see wildlife wander through the town at just about any time of day. I misplaced the date for these, all I know for sure is it is sometime in the last ten years. 

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