Tuesday 7 April 2015

Banff, Alberta

Some years ago I was in Banff in June on a company thing. I wish I had the exact date somewhere and I do not have it with these photos. I took the gondola up with a few people. It was very foggy at the top. There is a walkway from one peak to an old weather station on the other peak. Parks Canada has a nice wide walkway with railings running the entire length of the walk. Lots of great spots for photos. I love Banff but prefer Jasper. Less people.

Goats are all over the place.

Picas are all over the place as well. 

Weather station on the other peak. You can look down from this peak and see the Banff townsite. When I was there it was too foggy to get a photo.

The person I was with was tracking the movements of this Pica on the rocks with her camera trying to get a good photo. As she followed it through her camera it ran down from the rocks and onto the walkway and bit her shoe just as she captured it on a picture.

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