Wednesday 10 December 2014

Ram Falls, Alberta

Ram Falls is another one of those out of the way places. The fall are easy to get to, it is just bit of a drive to get there. I drove west from Sundre on Highway 591 through Bearberry and turned north on Highway 734, also marked as Highway 40. Highway 591 is paved all the way to the bridge crossing the James River. On the other side it becomes a well-maintained gravel road. The road is largely two lanes wide. There are a few spots were it gets a little narrower. My standard Alberta road map did the job. I really do need to get a map that shows the roads in better detail when I am going off the main roads. I did not find much information online before going other than to beware of logging trucks and that the road was in great shape. I never did run across any oilfield trucks or logging trucks. There were lots of hunters. Beware of the lack of cell phone coverage.

South Ram River November 1, 2014
From the junction turning north the distance is not really far, about fifty-five miles, but it takes about two hours to get there. What would normally take less than an hour on a paved highway takes longer due to lots of twisting gravel road, low speed limits, and the occasional hairpin curve. The gravel road is pretty much a gravel highway that could easily be driven in a car. The road goes through valleys and hangs off the side of mountains. The scenery is well worth the trip, and there are some great views. I saw few deer and goats likely due to hunting season. The bit of information online had mentioned lots of wildlife, particularly bears. There are gravel roads that branch off from the left and right of the road in various places however you won't get lost, the main road is well marked.

Ram Falls is fed by the South Ram River. The highway crosses the river and the falls are just off to the right when you are traveling north however you can not see the falls from this point. Just north of the bridge on the right is a campground where you can park and walk to the falls. There was no one there when I went, then again I was there on November first. A short walk from the parking lot through the woods and you get to a long set of stairs that you can walk down to a viewing platform to get a look at the falls. I would like to see it in June when there is more water from the runoff. From the falls it is about another forty miles north to where the road meets Highway 11 and pavement near Nordegg. I was on pavement for about an hour then I got snow-stormed all the way home.

Ram Falls November 1, 2014

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  1. Nice. Really nice. I think I'll fill the tank, check the air in the tires, and head your way.