Tuesday 16 December 2014

In search of . . .

A person should have a few goals and interests. Mine are varied and uncomplicated. One of my ongoing quests is to find a great cup of coffee. Most coffee is usually just okay. Personally I usually drink a couple of pots over the course of a day just for maintenance. Sometimes, just on a rare occasion, you run across that cup of coffee that makes you stop and think to yourself, "Damn, that is a good cup of coffee."

I do have a coffee place that I have been going to off and on for a little over twenty years that is located in Calgary. I think the same guy has owned it since the beginning. It also has not changed in that time. I happen to like places that have character. The staff and the clientele are a bit different, sometimes downright unusual. A lot of times both groups sport the homeless look. Years ago they used to serve coffee in bowls, I wish they would bring that part back. Nothing like keeping your hands warm by sipping a bowl of coffee in chilly Calgary weather.

The place is small. There are sacks of beans that the owner roasts himself. If you want sugar there is demerara available. You can usually see burlap sacks of beans in the corner. Old coffee grinders and assorted vintage coffee stuff are stacked up behind the counters and on the walls. A collector would love this stuff. When I lived in the Edmonton area I would drive three hours on a weekend just to get coffee from here and then drive back. You have to have priorities.

I was there on the weekend and got my fix. I asked for a few business cards prior to leaving. Any place that I really like I always try to turn people into converts. That is why I wanted the cards, to hand them out. They didn't have any. Instead the guy folded up a bag that you would put ground beans into. When he was done the folded area was about the same as a business card. I think they may have stumbled on a new marketing tool.

My quest for the best steak and eggs is another story.

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  1. I'll bet that place smelled great. Coffee - good coffee - is the nectar of the Gods.