Tuesday 2 December 2014

Motorcycle lessons

Carry extra gas.

I worked it out a few times that I can get about 170 miles from a tank of gas. That is running it close to bone dry. Alberta is full of long flat stretches of road with not a lot of civilization. Sometimes when you do make it to a small town you may be surprised to find out there is no gas station or it may not be open. Gas gauges are not always honest. Last summer I turned off the main highway and neglected to get gas since there were a few small towns on the secondary highway I turned onto. It turned out that after riding through said small towns there were no gas stations and a sign came up that there were no services for the next one hundred miles. I got a little nervous when the gas tank read about half a tank however I had a spare gallon with me and I made it with no problems. The roads may be paved but there can be a whole lot of nothing out there with little to no traffic and you might spend some time waiting to be rescued.

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