Tuesday 9 December 2014

Don’t tell mom

December 7, 2014 at about two in the afternoon I am on Highway 39 headed west towards Drayton Valley, Alberta. There was freezing rain the night before. The weather was fine, not a cloud in the sky, and the highway was close to bare in most places. I was on my way to see my mother and deliver her birthday present. Her birthday was in a few days.

I was following a vacuum truck and getting tired of eating the road spray and came up on a passing lane on my side of the highway. I pulled out to pass, the surface looked fine, I got about a car length and a half in front and then things went wrong.

My trusty all-wheel drive Hyundai decided to lose control and I spun in a circle, bounced off the side of the vacuum truck and headed straight for the ditch at about fifty to fifty-five miles an hour. I stopped about fifteen yards from the road in a farmer’s field. I looked around, and thought I might be able to drive out of this. A quick three point turn and I tried to drive out onto the highway. No go. This was a ditching that you could be proud of. Shut it off, walked out to the road, informed a guy that stopped that I was fine. Talked to the vacuum truck guy who stopped and not a mark on his vehicle. Someone phoned a tow truck and then everyone left. I gave mom a quick call and told her I would be late as I had hit the ditch.

Just after I left the highway and attempted to drive back on

While waiting for a tow truck to arrive I grabbed my back bumper that was torn off and shoved it into the back seat. After multiple people drove by without stopping a guy in his fifties in a four wheel drive Ford stopped and asked what happened. I filled him in and he said I should be able to drive out of this. Told him I could not drive onto the road. He meant to drive across the field and catch a side road. Said he would check it out and drove off. Minutes later he drove from the far end of the field, marked a path, and I powered through and followed him out.

The Hyundai impressed me. It got a little beat up and managed to drive across a field through close to eighteen inches of snow, onto a side road, then onto the highway. It seemed to drive fine. I continued to Drayton Valley, dropped off my stuff, had a short visit with my mother, then four hours via highway back home. I was amazed I had no injuries, just some stiffness.

I do need a vehicle now. All mom knows is that I hit the ditch. I omitted telling her the other details.


  1. Well, if she reads your blog, you're screwed.

  2. Looks like Huron, South Dakota. Same type of terrain and ice and snow sucking crap... 4 years was 4 years too long to live there...

  3. May I suggest a Dodge 1500, fwd? With four wheel drive, you'll have to work to get stuck. Mine has 180k on it and still drives well.