Saturday 13 December 2014

Frugal wine review

Canada is not like the US when it comes to cheap inexpensive wine. It is slightly difficult to get anything that is truly low priced due to all of the taxes. So my arbitrary rules are that any wine that I come across should be no more than ten dollars a bottle Canadian including tax. It should also be red. I automatically reject anything from Gallo. That is pretty much the extent of my rules. I occasionally drink red wine simply because I occasionally like to drink red wine. No mystery.

I have been to a number of wine tastings mainly because someone had a spare ticket and I got nominated to attend. I have tried expensive wine that can be every bit as bad or good as the lower priced stuff. I never understand all of this smelling and swirling wine in a glass, I think you know right off if you like the stuff or not. Some wine does need to breathe and some tastes better if you aerate it. Personally if I want to drink something I just want to crack it and drink it. I tend to be impatient. 

I recently stopped into a local liquor store that was gloriously disorganized and noticed a clearance bin. I would guess these people had never taken inventory or knew what they had for stock. I asked how much, was quoted ten dollars, ran it through the till and it came to exactly ten dollars. The owners are either burying the sales tax in the price or quietly ignoring it. No matter, not my problem.

French Maid Merlot is actually French. I was kind of let down when I cracked the screw top at my cousin’s place. I was initially disappointed because I could have sworn I bought Pinot Noir. This is surprisingly good. It is smooth with no unpleasant aftertaste. My cousin, her significant other, and I all liked it and agreed to give it a seven out of ten. I would buy it again.


  1. Alberta. Not the Dennis Miller?

  2. I need to figure out a way to send you some Texas wines. We have some very reasonably priced reds.