Friday 26 April 2024

Random post

In rehab you get interviewed by people. I have been interviewed by nurses, a social worker, doctor, therapists, and a psychologist. The admitting nurse asked me a long list of questions when I first got here. One of them was if I was suicidal. If you were would you admit it? I said no, but even if I was is I am in a bed unable to walk and anything I could possibly use to harm myself is out of reach. I guess I could spread myself to death with a butter knife from mealtime but it would take time. By the way, be careful with humour when dealing with nurses from another country. Humour is very subjective and not always understood.

Anyway, therapists are interested in your home life. Living in a two bedroom, two bathroom, apartment style condo, no stairs wins me major points. I will have less problems getting around. Then they want to know if I am active and if I do anything in my spare time. I am sure when they release you back into the wild they do not want you sitting on a couch watching the television all day.

I must not come across as believable. I tell them that I get out to take photos, have two motorcycles that get used quite a bit, do some hiking into places, and try to get out as much as possible. I get some skeptical looks. Maybe I do not look like the kind of person that gets off their ass and does things. In the past people have told me I do not seem the type which perplexes me. Photos or it did not happen and I have an iPad with me with a fair number of photos on it. I have proof with photos of the motorcycle, photos of wildlife, photos of places I have been. When I show my photos I get a totally different reaction usually asking if I actually took the photos. I end up proving my point that I may not be really fit but I am active.

One thing I have discovered is most of the staff I have dealt with here rarely venture outside the city. They know nothing about wildlife or rural areas. Which is likely why there is a degree of skepticism when I say what I do in my spare time. 


  1. Maybe you're the gateway to outdoor therapy for some of those giving you the same now. Is it a very long trip to escape the city and suburbs where you are? Not much of an upside to any of your misfortune (other than getting the medical care needed) but thankfully you weren't out and about on a motorcycle when they "didn't see you coming". Heard there were many medical staffers let go in Canada when the mandatory jabs were mandated, were they replaced by foreign workers? Hope the healing accelerates, you've got beautiful places to be!

  2. I guess an active lifestyle is the exception these days, not the norm, especially among the middle-aged.

  3. Hah - if they don't believe you, I'll take them on! Methinks I have quite a number of 'pieces of proof' that might help convince them.

  4. Can you point them to this blog?

  5. Feel a bit sorry for them - they have no idea what a wonderful world is out there if they would only put down their phones and open their eyes. Your photos are beautiful!