Saturday 20 April 2024

Accident notes

I managed to get a copy of the police report. I know the name of the other party, I do not know them personally. I have their name and phone number. I have been tempted to contact him to let him know what he did to me but I won’t.

My lawyer emailed me a copy of the report. I literally read every line beginning to end ten times. I read all the witness statements and pored over the photos. Nothing triggered any memories, I still remember nothing. I was in a northbound lane and he was in a southbound lane. It happened on Highway 2A, a secondary two lane paved highway, south of Leduc, Alberta. The other driver was turning from the highway and we made contact.

The whole event makes me livid. This should not have happened. It was rush hour and a lot of people commute to Edmonton and drive home from the city. I was in a line of traffic after work heading home, it was a bright day, the road was bare, there was practically no snow. No apparent harm to him and I end up in the hospital with multiple injuries for over three months.


  1. Your anger and resentment are more than understandable. However, your lawyer would advise you NOT to contact the other party under any circumstances. Also, ask the Glenrose staff to see any counsellor they have on staff to assist patients dealing with the emotion of their injuries. They do have such assistance. Now's the time to take advantage of that.

  2. It often happens that the at-fault driver ends up unscathed - perhaps he'd been drinking. It's no doubt best that you don't remember. My mother was in a serious accident when I was 6 and she never remembered what happened. Another case of that being a good thing.
    I agree with Debra - it's not wise to contact the other driver and do make use of any emotional support counselling they have on staff.