Tuesday 28 June 2022

Sunday drive (posted on a Tuesday)

After days of rain the weekend had some decent weather. Saturday was spent with mom leaving Sunday free. Takakkaw Falls is close to Field, British Columbia and about four and a half hours from where I live. The road to the falls is open in the summer only and opened a little later than usual this year. I have posted this spot before on a prior visit.

I spent too much on gas and it was a long way to travel for a day. The weather made it worth it.


  1. That is a very nice waterfall and close to Emerald Lake, another beautiful spot in the area.

    1. Been to Emerald Lake a few times. You have to get there early or you have no chance of getting a parking spot.

  2. Beautiful! We've been to Emerald Lake but didn't know about the falls when we were there.