Tuesday 7 June 2022

Spotted today


  1. Cow Patty Bingo sounds . . . intriguing!

  2. Only 900 miles from here! https://goo.gl/maps/PYWpsYXicDifTtiy7
    Camping too... this weekend, not really enough time for me to get it together otherwise it seems like a fine time/place to meet for Cow Patty Bingo, see rusted trucks that still run (I had one of those when I lived in Chicagoland in the early 90s) and have a cookout with friends for this blog.
    (I'm just goofing off, I don't have the spare $600 for gas to get there in my RV right now :-)

    1. I own a vehicle with rust, just not enough rust to compete. With the price of gas I think a lot of people will be cutting back on travel.

  3. This sounds like fun with the main attraction the rusty vehicles (at least they would be for me). Mind you, cow patty bingo sounds interesting, depending on how fresh the patties happened to be.