Sunday 5 June 2022

Sandon Cemetery

Just a short distance from Sandon, British Columbia. It is along the road off of Highway 31 to Sandon. If you do not look carefully you will easily miss it. The trees and the terrain help to obscure it.

Outside the fenced cemetery area is the headstone of Ken Sato. This is one of the many places that Japanese-Canadians were interned during WWII. Not one of the better moments in Canadian history.

A plain sign marks the cemetery.

I saw no headstones nor were there any markers. There are a lot of concrete bases so I am guessing that there might be some work to clean up and restore this place. It really is hard to know this is a cemetery when you walk through it.

No clue to where this post belonged.

Stakes with names on them beside a tree. I am guessing that someone is going to place them in the appropriate spot.


  1. It sounds hopeful that there are some ongoing efforts at restoration. Looks like a peaceful spot.

  2. Too bad this historical cemetery couldn't receive more TLC.

  3. Best wishes on the restoration. Looks like lots of work ahead.