Wednesday 15 June 2022

Random thoughts on a rainy day

It looks like most of Alberta is cloudy, overcast, and experiencing rain this week. Parts of Alberta have been under a heavy rainfall warning. "Alberta" and "heavy rainfall warning" usually are not found in the same sentence. I want to go somewhere this weekend except there is no decent weather in sight.

As a kid I lived in Terrace, British Columbia for two separate stints for about five years. We moved away when I was in Grade Four. I remember it rained a lot when I lived there. One year rain and the subsequent flooding took out a number of highway bridges. Our backyard had a bit of a dip in it. My father, who had no talent building things, attempted building a playhouse. The wooden floor and some half walls were as far as he got. Our backyard filled with water that year and got close to the house, and the playhouse floated around in our yard. Amazingly enough our basement never experienced a drop of water.

When the floods took out the bridges back then Bailey Bridges were put up in their place until permanent repairs were made. I have not seen a Bailey Bridge used in many years. I wonder what happened to them . . .

June 9 was my friend's birthday. I paid him a visit at the cemetery, likely the last visit I will make there. I will remember him however I am not going to obsess about it.

The Hyundai Sante Fe got another repair, a cheap one this time. If the gas cap is not sealed properly the check engine light comes on. A new gas cap fixed that. When I asked the parts guy for a new gas cap for my 2011 Hyundai Sante Fe I would not have been surprised if he would have said that sounds like a fair trade.


  1. I think your dad knew he was building a raft, not a treehouse. I would hold out for more than the gas cap. Perhaps a umbrella too.

  2. Had to do a google to find out more about what a Bailey bridge is. Saw on the news earlier in the week that parts of Alberta were getting snow. What's WRONG with the world!!!!

  3. Actually, it's pretty surprising how many bailey bridges are still around. I've seen a number of them on some forest service roads in BC. There is (was?) one just south of Terrace when I visited in 2019, on Old Lakelse Lake Drive, where it crosses a river feeding into Lakelse Lake. (N54 26 32.5, W128 28 43.5). I just rechecked my dashcam footage, and judging by the rust and sagging, it's been there for quite some number of years, except for one segment completely rust-free at the south end.