Tuesday 20 August 2019

Not quite too old for this

Last Sunday I met up with a friend from Calgary to hike into Siffleur Falls west of Nordegg, Alberta. There are three sets of falls. The first set of falls is a little over 4km one way, the second is further 2.5km, the third is about a further 1.5km. We made it close to the third set of falls. We did about eight miles that day. I was not as stiff that I thought I would be the next morning.

My friend sent me this photo of me. I was not aware it was taken until it was sent to me after we both got home. I quite like this photo. After looking at it for a bit I noticed something. I zoomed in on the photo and confirmed my suspicions. I have a very noticeable balding spot on the top of my head.

I still like the photo.


  1. I would say that I am the same way, but the reality is that if you zoom in on my head, you might catch a glimpse of some hair amidst the baldness.

  2. I remember the first photo where I saw my bald spot!

  3. Bald is where it's at! Been full on chrome dome for well over a decade and sleeping on the pile of money as a result. No more expensive haircuts!

    1. I was a bit surprised it was that noticeable. I am not going to fight the inevitable.

  4. Great photo (and don't worry - there's no glare off the balding patch....)