Thursday 15 August 2019

I might be getting too old for this . . .

This last Tuesday I had the day off. The weather looked like it might be decent so I wanted to take the motorcycle out on the highway. A friend of mine came with me on his motorcycle.

From Edmonton we took the highway to Rocky Mountain House, to Nordegg then up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper then took the Yellowhead Highway home. Highway 39 to Highway 22 to Highway 11 to Highway 93 to Highway 16 home if you are inclined to look it up. The trip was about 900km. We left just after nine in the morning and got back after eleven at night. We got rained on a couple of times. Stopped at a few places for food and walked in to a couple of waterfalls at different stops.

At Evansburg on the way home it was starting to get dark when we made our last stop for gas. That is when I discovered that my headlights were not working. After fiddling around with things for about half an hour my lights starting working. The motorcycle had developed some interesting electrical issues. On the plus side I can now start my bike without having to press the start button. 

I was still an hour from home. On the highway in Alberta in August at ten at night it is chilly.  It is dark, a little foggy, and you have to be vigilant for suicidal deer. When I finally got home I peeled my clothes off and left them where they fell. I was stiff and chilled and took a hot shower before turning in. The next morning I was damn stiff.

My friend, who is the same age as me, remarked a few times during the ride that he wants to take long trips like this, his body however does not want to co-operate. I might have to agree with him. I was never in the greatest physical shape but I could do long rides with few problems. Now it is becoming a different story. We are getting older.

I have a hike with another friend this coming weekend. I will see what kind of condition I am in after that.


  1. As you know I just turned 73. However my joints are acting like they are about 23.79 years older now days. It is getting tiresome to me.

  2. As I sit here, almost recovered from twisting my back two weeks ago, I sympathize.

  3. None of us are spring chickens any more.

  4. The mind is willing but the flesh gets weak. Wonder why that is?