Thursday 1 August 2019

Not Panther Falls

On June 1, 2019 I got up early to drive to Jasper National Park to try to walk into Panther Falls. It well over three hours by car from where I live to get there.

Panther Falls is here:  52.181975, -117.057159

Bridal Veil Falls is close and it is here:  52.181844, -117.057541

There is a parking lot just off the highway and it is about a half kilometre walk to Panther Falls.

This is just off the north part of the parking lot and is kind of the top of Panther Falls. These falls are supposed to be about two hundred feet high. I have yet to see them.

The path to the falls. I did not get to the base of either falls. With the amount of rain we have been getting I was getting closer and feeling the spray from the water before I could see the falls. It is unlikely I would have got a photo through all of the mist.

You can see Bridal Veil Falls across the valley from the trail that runs along the mountain. I never got much closer to that one either. The closer I got the muddier the path was getting and there was no one on the trail except me, and I had not informed anyone where I was going. I thought I would turn back and try it later this year. I think I will try it again in September and I should have someone going with me. Not all of my plans work out on the first attempt.


  1. Keep making plans and wise decisions.
    Looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Being able to learn as we go is a good thing!

  3. If ten percent of my advance plans work out it is a major miracle.

  4. Sounds like you made a wise decision... I'm sure a return trip will be better... it is a beautiful place!

  5. Wise decision - better to be safe than sorry. Hope you carry a cell phone with you at all times, even though service might not be the best.