Wednesday 12 December 2018

Saint Joseph's Church and Cemetery

This post is a complement to the previous post on Grace Church and Cemetery as it is the only other location I've found where the church has been replaced by a welded steel "skeleton church." 

Saint Joseph's, also known as Hollandville Cemetery, is north of Chinook, Montana.

Little remains of the cemetery . . . just a large wooden cross and one solitary headstone.

The "church" looks beautiful out on the open prairie.

- Michael Truman.


  1. I like that first shot -- very arty!

  2. I love this and I have to see it in person sometime.

  3. I love these photographs too. Either the first one or one very much like it is featured in the two volume set holding as much information as they could find for these vanished settlements, published by Milk River Geneealogy.

    My sister and I visited here in 2014. Our grandparents homesteaded in Hollandville, then lost everything after a crushing hailstorm on the 4th of July 1922. We did find out that the actual church building was sold and moved and is now the Lutheran church in Chinook.