Sunday 2 December 2018

Adventures in . . . something

When I handed in my notice at my last job I kind of expected them to just tell me to leave and that they would mail me my cheque for the last two weeks as that is the usual practice with a lot of employers. I was slightly surprised that they told me to work the last two weeks. I had no problem with that. The dumb thing was that over the last two weeks of my employment my passwords to various websites needed for my job would be killed off without any notice. Over the last few days at the job I given up trying to do anything because I was denied access to do large parts of my job. On my last day my access to the server was killed before the work day ended leaving me taking up space at a desk. I failed to see the point of keeping me around if I was not able to do anything.

Last Friday night I went to Costco to do some scouting for the lone Christmas gift that I have to buy. Through the years I managed to convince everyone in my family and my friends not to exchange gifts. I buy one gift for my special needs nephew and I was trying to find something that he would like. I found a dress shirt (I rarely find shirts at Costco in my size, whenever I find one I buy it for when I need it) and a big bag of tortilla chips and headed to the till. When it came time to pay I found that my card was cancelled. I have had a card for years in my name. As a minor benefit at the last job they paid the annual fee. Somehow they must have got my personal card under their control in the past few years and killed it when I stopped working there. Bastards.

Costco is not a place to miss out on selling you something. To be fair they have great customer service. They let me put my stuff through and escorted me to customer service to apply for a new card. A nice lady ran me through the application process. The quickest and easiest way to get a card and to get out the door was to get the Executive Membership. Now I am an executive of some type even if it is only on a Costco card. I also had to sign up for a credit card that I did not want or need and was gifted with a free chocolate covered almonds that I seriously do not need as I am fat enough.

Moral of the story is a trip to Costco for a shirt and chips may cost you an additional $120.00 when you find out your former employer is pettier than you thought they were.


  1. At least you know them fully for what they are now.

  2. Oh, that is indeed petty. A classy employer would have reminded you that your annual credit card fee would no longer be paid and given you the heads up to get a new card before finding out the hard way.

    Speaking of Costco, My Rare One and I just became Costco members! Not because we need to buy huge case lots of groceries. Four words -- "cheapest gas in Edmonton."

  3. It’s proof that you mad the right decision BW. I quit my last job too; had a lot of fun there but when the company changed it just wasn’t fun anymore. I remember the friendly rivalries and the ride jokes and the great customers but... they’re all gone. The open road beckons.
    My scholarly criticism of your future mission parameters is that you need a truck provisioned for a few nights under the stars instead of hotel rooms on long range explorations.
    Something I need to address in the worst way too...