Friday 21 December 2018

Population: Zero

Gallivan, Saskatchewan December 15, 2018. I had the urge to do a day trip on short notice.

Tried to find some quick information online on this place and was not successful. There were a total of four buildings that I found. A school, church, house, and an outbuilding. There is a plain black metal marker that says "Gallivan" beside the range road. Sometimes you will see a town marker noting where a town once stood. Google Maps will tell you where this is.

Old school.

Abandoned residence.

Outbuilding near the house. Power pole, no power lines.

Back to the school.

I did not venture too close. The basement has caved it.

There was a slightly eerie banging sound. A door at the back was flapping in the breeze. I took a look inside. It did not look safe enough to go in.

Church off in the trees. The area is overgrown and I walked up to the church.

I am sure this is an Anglican Church. The shape of the sign out front is typical of Anglican Churches. I did not try to take a look inside as it was boarded up. I was careful where I was walking. Sometimes there are old wells or other hazards in abandoned places and I was there by myself.


  1. When I was a kid, I remember hearing my Saskatchewan relatives speak of Gallivan. Must have still been a little town there then.

  2. Population zero... nobody home....

  3. Those photos would look very artsy in black-and-white.