Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Unknown school

I am sure this is an old one room schoolhouse. This is in Vulcan County, Alberta. I posted it before when I saw it in the winter. I wanted to see it with no snow. There is no sign saying what school it was, it may have been moved here from another location. It sits alone out in a field.

Photos taken October 26, 2018.


  1. I guess all you can do is ask a local, IF you can find one.

  2. One wonders why/how it ended up in the middle of nowhere. Wonder if there's a proper foundation under it and if it's actually anchored to the ground. Makes one wonder if some freak storm picked it up from somewhere and deposited it there.

  3. Plainfield School #1550

    It was established in the fall of 1906, built by local families. Along with school classes, local meetings, gatherings, showers, occasional weddings, anniversaries, and dances were also held in the schoolhouse.

    The school was closed in 1939. It was relocated to a nearby farmer’s yard to be used as a residence for a spell and was later moved back to its current location.