Wednesday, 7 November 2018

From Gravesborough to Milly

An historical monument celebrating the former settlement of Milly.  What a great name for a town!  Located near McCord, Saskatchewan.

The monument reads:

Milly District
With great hopes, settlers came to a district called Milly. This 1910 post office, originally called Gravesborough, was located on six different homestead sites. A settlement was established here with two stores, post office, Roman Catholic Church, barber shop-pool hall, a hall and sports grounds.  In 1929 the railway was built further north.  The community declined during the great depression. St. Joseph's Church was moved to Glentworth in 1931. Milly soon disappeared.

- Michael Truman


  1. What I noticed first was how 'MILLY' appears to be floating in the metal frame. It always amazes me to think of all those buildings being there and now nothing. I looked to see if that church was still in Glentworth and it appears to be!

    1. I'm happy that someone other than me noticed the "floating" Milly...a simple effect that is difficult to achieve in metal. Thanks, Jenn.