Saturday, 24 November 2018

Abandoned stone house

House and a barn as a bonus just a touch north of Flaxcombe, Saskatchewan. A friend of mine knows the landowner. No time to stop as we were trying to beat an oncoming winter storm.


  1. All that labor, done well too & now it's set aside. If you get the chance the rest of the story (the why?) would be good...

  2. I've seen the occasional fieldstone house on the prairies, but never a barn before. Awesome!

  3. Interesting house - but you know my eye is drawn to the barn!

  4. I think this is the home of my great great Grandparents George and Mabel Lucas. They moved to BC in 1952. I would love to confirm with someone if this is the case. I have many pictures of everyone in front of the house and the stones look identical.

    1. The house and barn are north of Flaxcombe Sask.and was owned by my Grandfather, Norman Wildman,it's now owned by my cousin Garth Wildman.