Tuesday 6 February 2018

The list

Further to the previous post. The list of eighteen places I would like to get to this year. You can copy the numbers and paste them into the search box in Google or Bing Maps and it will take you to the location. A lot of times I find Bing has better definition and allows you to zoom in closer on the satellite view.

Ardill                           49.940189, -105.842464
Bromhead                  49.181279, -103.677357
Claybank                    50.045746, -105.234277
Cosine                        52.178502, -109.931001
Dummer                     49.843540, -104.835938
Estuary                       50.935903, -109.809191
Expanse                     49.985019, -105.845313
Frenchville                  49.552639, -107.919131
Govenlock                  49.224202, -109.817476
Horizon                       49.520538, -105.222099
Kayville                       49.726544, -105.150772
Maxstone                    49.494718, -106.027882
Monchy                       49.016818, -107.831828
Rosefield                     49.088002, -107.542333
Simmie                        49.945235, -108.105876
Truax                           49.902543, -104.946889
Vantage                       49.840963, -106.031793
Vidora                          49.326881, -109.414162

Most of these places are ghost towns or places that have disappeared. A couple have an official population of zero.


  1. Have you been to Travers in southern AB? My grandmother lived there and when I was young I stayed with her in the summer. A store, gas station, a railway (CPR) and mail. I don't think there's anything there anymore. Bald-headed prairie.

    1. I have been there three times, once to the cemetery. These days Travers is a sad place. There is supposed to be a bank vault lying out in the open there. I have not seen it but it is one of those things I want to check into.