Thursday 8 February 2018


There was a winter storm warning issued for my area yesterday. I really did not pay any attention to it because a lot of weather warnings come to nothing.

I was wrong. There had to be at least six inches of snow this morning. I am not sure how much we will have when this is done. I kind of hedged my bets by getting up an hour earlier than usual. I got stuck trying to get from the driveway onto the road however I managed to free myself. It is about twenty miles from where I live to Calgary. On the radio they were saying do not drive into Calgary unless it is necessary. This being Canada everyone thinks that being on the road is necessary. On the plus side I do not work in Calgary. Even better is that I only work about a mile from where I live.

Since yesterday evening there has been an uninterrupted heavy snowfall and it is not supposed to stop until late afternoon today. Schoolbuses have been cancelled. Plows are only getting to the critical areas. This sort of thing does not happen often here. and I have experienced worse storms and snowfalls. Last year in late February there was no snow here and I was riding my motorcycle. The way the snow is falling today I might just leave my car at work and drive home. It might be faster.

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  1. I wish I didn't have to drive this morning, the highway into Red Deer and in Red Deer are CRAP.