Friday 16 February 2018

On the road

This weekend will be spent looking after some stuff for mom. Her car has three recall notices (I only initially knew about one) and I will be getting those cleared up. I will be driving three hours to her place Friday night, then getting up Saturday to drive her car ninety minutes to the nearest dealer that can do the recall work. I get the pleasure of hanging around a dealership while they do the work then I get to drive ninety minutes back to drop off her car. 

Mom has had her car for five years and has averaged five thousand miles a year. These days she only feels comfortable driving around town. Doing this is not a big deal, it is just time consuming. This weekend is a long weekend so I might get the chance to explore.


  1. Hello... Have a great Saturday... Please comment and follow my blog. Thanks.

  2. Stop in from Mr Rat and hope all works out with your mom car.
    If you have time stop in for a cup of coffee

  3. Your a good son.
    Sure hope you get some time to explore.

  4. Take a good book along to read at the dealership!