Thursday 8 February 2018

Snowpocalypse update

It is still snowing, not big flakes, the tiny ice crystals. It should stop quite soon, sooner than expected. The process of digging out has begun. This being southern Alberta a chinook will wander through and the temperatures will be just above freezing turning everything into a sloppy mess in a week. Days like these are when you want good winter tires and/or more than two wheel drive.


  1. I heard you poor buggers got a foot of snow, is that right? Not a single flake up here in the Capital. Take that how you will.

  2. Good Grief!! Do you need rescue via dog sled team - or perhaps a trusty St. Bernard with a keg of brandy hanging from his neck? I hope you got at least one 'snow day' out of this. :)

    1. The photos do not show it but it was snowing very heavily at the time. Very small snowflakes. I was at work today as was everyone else. It has to be really bad for people not to get to work.