Friday 16 February 2018

Farming Valley School

This is a former one room schoolhouse just a little northwest of Oyen, Alberta on February 10, 2018. I have been here before and posted this before. This time I got a better look at it. There are probably better photos in this post compared to last time. I had a tour guide who knows the owners.

This is probably the most unique building of this kind that I have seen. It looks like it was meant to be bigger and somehow it got squeezed from the ends and pushed up in the middle. The bell tower is kind of oversized for the size of the school. 

This is one of those buildings that you would like to see preserved. This one is special. I would like to see this one hang on for years so more people can see it.

I had a look inside. There are odds and ends stored inside and nothing really to see. The blackboard is still up on the wall. Nothing really to see on the inside.


  1. Is it quite unusual for an old school like this to have a bell tower? I would think so, but I haven't seen anywhere near the number of old schools that you have. Seems to be kind of a luxury?

    1. Some had them. I have seen a couple of weirdly remote schools that had them. I think it had to do with if the area had the funds to build a school with a bell and tower. A bit of pride and prestige to be able to build that kind of a building in a community as well. Just guessing.

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  3. A very cool school! I am happy to have finally seen it.

  4. Very cool! I have never seen a school with a bell tower.