Friday 14 April 2023

Resurrected rails

Last weekend a friend and I travelled through East End, Saskatchewan and he pointed out the collection of trains. After I got home I did a little searching online and found out this is the project of Gary Southgate, a Saskatchewan farmer who is really into vintage trains.

Apparently he has collected over twenty-six vintage train cars and engines over the years that eventually ended up in East End, Saskatchewan. Eventually there will be a train station and rail tours between Shaunavon and East End, possibly all the way to Robsart. He has bought land by the rail tracks and bought the Riverside Motel in East End. This will be quite the endeavor.

This should be interesting. Robsart, Saskatchewan is a ghost town and no trains have travelled there in many years. There is not a lot of anything in deep southwestern Saskatchewan and he is dreaming big. I hope this is a raving success.


  1. Now THAT'S dedication to a hobby! Good luck to him!

  2. Good for him! The world needs more people like that.

  3. If you build it, they will come.

  4. Have my fingers crossed this will come to fruition and be tremendously successful as well.

  5. We've visited here before, have we not?

    1. I have visited many places before. Sometimes there is something new, sometimes you missed stuff from prior visits.

  6. I wish him all of the best!