Monday 17 April 2023

More random notes

Blogger is back to marking some comments by long term commenters as spam. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to this. I review the comments and I do mark them as to be published if they were marked as spam in error. I just do not always get to it right away.

Blogger likes to screw with my formatting on occasion. I happen to like my text nicely lined up on both sides in my posts. Sometimes Blogger likes to think otherwise. I edited a recent post seven times because the formatting kept being changed from how I set it up.

Blogger is free which means you get what you pay for.

Sometimes I get comments from older posts from people that might have attended a long abandoned church or had a connection to an old schoolhouse. I love to get stuff like this. The issue is that a number of times I have no information on what post they are discussing. I had a recent one about an Anglican Church. I have posted a lot of Anglican Churches so I need something more specific so I know which one. I also get some comments that I would like to respond to however they do not leave me an email address. Just wanted to say that I am not ignoring people, sometimes I just have no way to respond.


  1. I've been considering a new platform..

  2. WOW those are the same troubles I have been having over on OFM Adventures since Nov 2007 and they have not gotten any better in these last few years either.

  3. My comments often come in bunches as I play catch up, but you know I'll get there eventually. I have comment moderation turned on for my blog so I have to approve all coments so I *think* I'm getting them all. I was struggling with responding to comments and finally resorted to replying strictly on my blog so everybody knows (and hopefully nobody gets missed).