Monday 3 April 2023

Peterson, Saskatchewan

Peterson, Saskatchewan is a hamlet located east of Saskatoon on Highway 5. The village was founded circa 1911 with the arrival of the railroad. The twinned grain elevators consist of the larger ex-Federal which was built in 1956 and the smaller one of unknown origins. The elevator is marked J and L Farms. Peterson is considered a ghost town and there is not much left to see.

The Descent of the Holy Spirit Ukrainian Catholic Church was built in 1926. The church is long abandoned and built on swampy grounds. The church has been demolished in the last few years. The cemetery is located east of the town.

- Dale Redekopp

Swamp right beside the church.


  1. Glad you got some photos of the church before it was gone forever.

  2. Sad that the church was demolished but on the other hand also glad that you have photos to prove its existence.

  3. Nice images, too bad about the church.