Tuesday 25 April 2023

Not out and about much

Still doing the usual, visiting mom twice a week. That, as mentioned previously in this blog, is a bit over an hour trip each way. Usually Wednesday after work and one day on the weekends. Most of the visits are uneventful. Mom does not want to do much, if anything. If I live long enough I will likely end up in a retirement home. I am divorced, single, no children, with one sibling, but I would like to think someone would visit me in the same situation.

I have some course requirements that have to be met for my job and there is a deadline for doing them. I killed off most of them, there are only a few hours left. The problem is getting motivated to do it, it is dry boring material.

I did get out a little last Sunday. I have driven by this International R-150 many times and finally stopped to capture it. No idea what year it is.


  1. When I was a kid I thought International trucks were the best in the world.
    They held up better than any other brand down there on the Texas coast. Thanks for the memories.

  2. Visiting a parent in that situation is certainly time-consuming. When my Mom was in the nursing home I was nominated the daily visitor (only child and a Dad that got upset every time he saw her in there). It ended up I was going at least twice a day to be sure Mom got her proper meals.
    That's a great truck!!!