Friday 27 May 2022

Small SUV used for scale

This had been on my radar for some time. This is an abandoned quarry near Marblehead, British Columbia, otherwise known as the Marblehead Quarry. It operated from 1909 until sometime into the late 1930's. If you did not know where this is you might not find it. There is a little trail that does a bit of an "S" turn right off the highway. You cannot really see this due to the wall of trees on the side of the gravel highway which blocks the view. Really glad my travelling companion was able to definitively find this spot. Stone from this quarry was used for the Mormon temple in Cardston, Alberta and in buildings in Nelson, British Columbia as well as in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The no-so-trusty-nor-reliable Hyundai Sante Fe was parked in the entrance for scale. I wanted to take a shot with my vehicle in the opening because every other photo on the internet I saw with this place had done the same thing. Why should I be different?

The only disappointment was all the graffiti on the walls. Every wall has been tagged. Straight back from the Hyundai is a solid wall. It branches off a little ways to the side in each direction.

Straight back from the Hyundai.

To the right.

To the left.

Another narrow entrance to the right of the main entrance.


  1. Very cool! Too bad about the graffiti but such is modern life.

  2. What a great discovery. I've never see a quarry like that before, in fact I'm not sure if I've ever seen a quarry except on TV. On TV the quarries have always been open at the top and thus become swimming holes. A superb find.

  3. Having the vehicle in the photo gives a better sense of scale. I must say my claustrophobic tendencies wouldn't have been happy about going inside.