Thursday 12 May 2022

Motorcycle riding is better later in the day

I used to be able to sleep in. When I got older it was like some switch had been flipped and now I am incapable of sleeping in and usually wake up quite early. This morning I woke up at about 5:30am. The sun was shining, the sky was clear. Since I was wide awake I might as well take advantage. Time to take the motorcycle on an early morning ride.

The great thing about being out that early is there is not much traffic. Conversely it is not that warm. It might have looked great but the temperature was 1C. Later today it is supposed to be 19C.

I took a short run up the highway. I was dressed for the occasion, I am not used to it yet, this is the second ride of the season and it was slightly chilly. I need to get the feel for the bike back. On the way back I had to pull over on the shoulder to make way for an ambulance with flashing lights and siren. I  hope whoever it was is okay. I would have stopped somewhere for a coffee, not much is open between six and seven in the morning. I have lots of coffee at home. Sunday is rumoured to be good weather. The bike will come out again on the weekend.


  1. Yeah, 1 degree is pretty darn chilly, even more so with windchill.

  2. Had low 90Fs here in Rockport Tx this afternoon.

  3. Have a great ride BW!