Wednesday 18 May 2022

My four day weekend is turning into a three day weekend

Here in Canada it is Victoria Day weekend this weekend, the coming Monday is a statutory holiday here.

I took this Friday off. I dislike clients coming in to get stuff done before the long weekend and waiting until the last minute, usually Friday afternoon, to do it. I took Friday off so someone else can deal with those situations should they occur.

I am trying to get away for a weekend trip. My Friday will be reserved for dealing with errands for my mother. There are certain tasks that can only be done during a weekday. My Friday will just be doing work of a different sort. Then the weekend is mine. All mine.

There likely will not be a lot of future weekend trips. These days I spend Saturdays with mom. I have less time to do things. Everyone knows gas is damn expensive. Everything else is expensive as well. I am not sure how anyone manages to afford anything these days.

There is rain forecast for Saturday/Sunday/Monday. I do not really care. I need to get away and do some things to get my mind off other things.

Why does it always seem like one has to do a lot of running around to get a lot of things done just so you can spend a few days not doing anything? One of those little life mysteries.


  1. It's not a little life mystery, it's adulthood. I hope you have a good getaway trip, despite the rain!

  2. It’s funny with the old folks. They are an endless pain and hassle, some of them… and then they’re gone with a jarring finality, like they were never there in the first place. I hope the weather’s good for ya!

  3. Have fun helping your Mom.