Monday 2 May 2022

Church on Monday

Ardath, Saskatchewan is verging on ghost town status. 

Ardath has an interesting history. In 1919 a train crashed through one of the village's three grain elevators killing three people.

A few years later, a fire destroyed most of main street.

In 1931 there was a murder where one man killed another man who he thought was someone else, then he burned down a house.

From a place that once had a few hundred people to only a few now. There are a few houses, not much to see. The elevators and businesses have long disappeared. The church, built in 1912, is well cared for and what I stopped for in the first place.


  1. They may still hold services there.

  2. The church looks like it might still see use. Interesting history in that town!

  3. Well, I'm glad you did not get caught up in any fires or murders while you were there. The less people that live there the lower the crime rate.