Tuesday 31 May 2022

50.16797, -116.91599

The coordinates above are for the post office in Argenta, British Columbia. I was always curious about visiting this place. Argenta is a little off the beaten path and I like to see small post offices in out of the way places. I was here on May 22 and since it was a Sunday it was obviously closed.

Argenta is on the side of a mountain. It sprung into existence via mining about one hundred years ago. There are a few people here and no businesses. The post office photo was taken in not the greatest light and turned out to be a bit dark. When I tried to make it a little brighter the gravel road looks too bright.

If you look at the notices on the post office bulletin board and signs in town you get an idea of what sort of people live here. If I was here five days earlier I would seen the anti-logging protest that occurred on the road between Argenta and Johnson's Landing. I imagine the subject matter in the last two photos refer to the protest.


  1. "Well rested beings who want to become more empowered to relieve land stewards who are reaching capacity."

    Does that mean that folks are tired of living in the woods?

    1. I am guessing that means some are getting too old.

  2. That little post office is in an idyllic natural setting alright. Isn't Johnson's Landing the village that was devastated and swept away in a mudslide just a few years ago? Over-logging had caused it. That's probably why they're protesting.

  3. I assume the post office is in use. As for the peaceful protest sign - one wonders why the need for wheelbarrows.