Tuesday 19 April 2022

They changed the potatoes

Last weekend on Saturday I drove to Saskatoon for ribs. My other weekend plans were not working out so I thought I might as well get ribs.

When you order that from the menu you get ribs, green beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. The ribs were worth the trip, I should have ordered more. They changed the mashed potatoes. I do not know what they did to them but they are not the same. No cornbread either. It was replaced by some dark muffin type of thing. They need to bring the cornbread back. I do not know what they pan fry the green beans in but they were the same and just as good as I remember.

Personally I like my potatoes baked, fried, or boiled. I do not mind mashed but they are not my first choice. Scalloped potatoes are a crime against potatoes. Their potatoes were good mashed potatoes, not good enough this trip. If I go back and they are still doing this to the potatoes I might have to drop them.


  1. Yep fits my want or they don't get my money twice.

  2. Mashed are my favourite, stuffed potatoes are awesome too cant go wrong with baked either 😊

  3. There's not much you can do to potatoes that I don't like, but would have to say that fries are at the bottom of the pile, especially the skinny ones from McD's. And how dare they mess with the cornbread? Maybe an email to their head office is in order?!

  4. My daughter lived in Memphis for 6 years. I have become a ribs snob. I agree almost with the potatoes grouping but I classify twice baked potatoes as a form of mashed potatoes and one of my favorites. I would even settle for some good potato salad. Corn bread before all others! Corn muffins a close second. Beans can be cooked many ways to be good. I like seasonal fresh beans cooked in butter/olive oil, some water, and a piece of country ham or section of ham hock.

    I don't understanding changing the corn bread. It is one of the least expensive "breads" to make.