Friday, 22 April 2022

51.368429, -107.782823

Glamis, Saskatchewan is a ghost town. A little southeast of Glamis is this grain elevator in the middle of a field. Literally in the middle of large field with nothing around it. I tried to find some information on it on the internet but was unsuccessful.

There is a trail leading off the gravel road across the field that goes by it. I did not try the trail, that will have to wait for warmer days and drier roads. The close up shot was near the extreme range of my telephoto lens. 


  1. The elevator is not sitting up on a mound like it would at a railroad since it likely was moved. Nearest town with an elevator was Doual (which no longer exists) so likely moved from there. See the map at this website and note the railway diagonally fields north of this site crossing to get to Glamis.

  2. Correction - that should be Douai Saskatchewan, named after the Douai Plains of Vimy Ridge. The railroad can be seen in the google maps satellite view.

    1. When I post something I never know what kind of reply, if any, I will get. Thanks for the comment, this is interesting and I appreciate it.

  3. I wonder what moving a building the size of that elevator would have involved back in the day. Per above info, it came a couple of kilometres, at least.


  4. This one deserves a return visit.