Thursday 30 December 2021

The current cold snap is wearing thin

High today of -27C. It will be about a little colder tomorrow. The weekend is threatening to warm up by twenty degrees. I will believe it when I feel it. Right after the weekend temperatures plunge again. The joys of winter in Alberta.

On the bright side I am saving money since it is too damn cold to do much. Wherever you are I hope you are nice and warm.


  1. It is 72 degrees here today. Dropping to 29 on Monday.

    We will pay for this in August when it is 100 degrees with 90 % humidity. The join of living in Alabama.

  2. Got the old Shenandoah stoked up and it's 85 in here . The squaw likes it warm .

  3. Yeah, I'm getting damn tired of it too. Still another week of it to go.

  4. The deep freeze means it's time for movies and music...especially the music. If the weather man is accurate maybe I can get out for a day trip this's hopin'.

    1. I am hoping for a day out this weekend. It is rumoured to be warmer.

  5. I hate it when the highs are a minus number. Stay warm!

  6. Reading those temps reminds me of when I was a kid and winters here were often that cold and big amounts of snow. Can't tell me global warming isn't a thing!! There was one winter when I was about 6 or so that all the able-bodied people on our road had to go out and shovel the road so the snowplow could even get through.