Wednesday 22 December 2021

Sleeping train

Took a rural road and there was a train parked just off the crossing. Twilight and snow makes the light seem a bit blue at this time of year. This was a couple of days ago. It is snowing fluffy flakes today.


  1. That's a really good photo with the sky and snow blue complementing the red of the locomotive.

    Even though you aren't much on Christmas, I wish you a wonderful Christmas with feasting and fun.


  2. I love trains. If I ever managed to win the lottery or a rich relative would conveniently leave me a small fortune (hah!) I would love to take the train across the country. It's on my bucket list but that bucket seems to have a hole in it.....

  3. That looks so peaceful. Stone cold, bet it is hard to restart if it has been there a while.

  4. Merry Christmas to you as well DS.