Monday 13 December 2021

Monday the 13th

As unlucky as Friday the 13th? Not that I am superstitious.

Had a post publish when I thought I scheduled it for another day. Dumb mistake on my part. Pulled the post and rescheduled it for the 20th. Prior versions of Blogger were more user friendly and I found it easier to avoid dumb posting errors.

I have also been having some issues commenting on other blogs. One blog I tried three times and eventually gave up. I have had to make a few attempts answering comments on this blogs before I am successful.

I took last Friday off to study course material as I was writing the final on Saturday morning. It is the last course I need for a program and I took it by correspondence. I prefer the pre-COVID way of writing a test. You go to an exam centre at write the test. This was done at home and I had to be sign in and have the webcam set up for the exam proctor. There were some multiple choice and typed answers. I prefer having to write answers in an exam book. I am the type that scribbles notes to organize my thoughts before writing an answer. I am more of a paper and pen type of person. I wrote the test, then I was informed Sunday night by email of my grade. I passed well enough. I would have done better however with all of the stuff I have been dealing with lately my mind really was not on studying. One more thing off my list. Hopefully I do not add anything to the list.


  1. Congrats on passing your final exam!

  2. Congratulations on finishing the course. I'm sure that you are glad that is over and done with. BTW, the reason that I left Blogger was because of problems like you described. I couldn't comment or respond to any comments. It drove me crazy 🤪. I've had no such issues with the new site at WordPress.

  3. Congratulations BW on the pass. Nice to see a completion.

  4. You're not the only one having issues with Blog-grrrrrr - I've seen a number of people complaining over the commenting aspect.
    Congratulations on the pass and the completion! I'm sure having that behind you will give you more time to enjoy life.