Wednesday 29 December 2021

Big cat

A client of mine has a farm near Genesee, Alberta. A little over a week ago this was taken on his land by a local outfitter. The cat weighed 185lbs. I wish I could have seen it in person.

He has spotted one of these just outside his house in the past. 


  1. I have seen 3 Lions in the wild in my 73 years. The first was crossing MI Hwy M-28 in the UP 1/4 mile ahead. The second was near my camp on Lake Superior in Goulais River ON, crossing the road 100 ft ahead of me. The third was mounting biking at McDowell Mtn Regional Park near PHX AZ about 200 feet ahead of me. I now wear a pistol mountain biking in AZ JIC.

    1. I have never seen one. I would definitely like to see one in the wild. I have seen grizzly bears and a wolverine once.

      Seeing one three times is impressive. They are dangerous and people here are extra careful if one is spotted.

  2. I hope that big cat is just sedated and not dead. Lie to me if you have to.

  3. Spent much of my working month in the bush, have seen lots of sign but only seen three cats. Only one up close for any significant time, I had my caulks hang up in bark that slipped underfoot. Sprained my foot badly, used a branch as a crutch to limp onto the road. Was sitting there with my partner when a big one showed up, looked at me, and thought maybe not crippled enough. Debra with a Mountain Lion remember the active word is lion ;-D

  4. That would be an awesome mount but it would take a large living room or den.

  5. Wow - I know they're big but not THAT big!! Either that, or that man is a little person? I, too, am hopeful it's just sedated....

  6. Just a reminder, your spot on the food chain? Yeah, NOT #1 if unarmed.