Sunday 26 December 2021

Cold snap

It is -30C at the moment and it is going to get a little colder overnight. Christmas Day was spent at mom's place and it went reasonably well.

Christmas Day was about as cold as it is now. The drive from my home to hers is just under an hour. Roads were fine with a touch of frost from the cold. You can drive the speed limit, a bit faster and you it feels a little less secure.

Desperately wanted to go out today and do . . . anything. There are days when it makes more sense to stay in and stay warm. Today was spent on the usual household chores,  cleaning up photo files, and planning future trips.


  1. The hair on my head always stands straight up when the cold starts cracking the ground and critters have been sounding that deep winter sound that every herder has understood from the beginning of time . Break out a fresh dry bale and spread it around . Watch them lay down in pairs or small groups to share the warmth of good fresh hay . Ruminants gonna' ruminate .

  2. -30C is Cold (even in Canadian :-), Seriously that's -22f and minus anything is too cold for me these days!

    Stay warm and Merry Christmas!

  3. Some asshole unplugged my car one night and stole my new block heater extension cord. There is no circle of hell deep enough for such a criminal.

    (My car's fine, though. Toyotas always start!)

  4. -30 is 50 degrees below comfortable.

  5. Glad you had a good Christmas, BW!

  6. We are no-where near that cold here (thankfully!). Kept us going to even have a white Christmas. I, not being a winter-lover, am quite happy to keep the status quo and not wish for more.