Friday 15 October 2021

Out and about

Violetdale School 1918 - 1940

In rural Alberta located here:  52.2590, -110.9092

This was on my list for a year. It turned out to be a bit of a disappointment as I thought there would be more here. The road is more of a trail and it is like this for about two kilometres that goes over some hills, curves, and hugs the side of a hill.

The school site is on top of a hill where you can see the countryside in all directions. There is nothing there except for a foundation and a school sign. There are a lot of cow patties. Typical rural hazard.

It is a small school. It looks like it was under six hundred square feet. The location is a bit different as it is off the beaten path.


  1. At least it looks like it was a nice fall day for exploring!

  2. Those are the types of roads I love but DH is not a fan. He thinks about un-fun things like flat tires and running out of gas whereas for me it's all about wondering what's around the next corner.