Saturday 16 October 2021

Not on the road again

Had plans to be out this weekend. I am actually supposed to be off on a few days vacation.

One of my vehicles is in the shop. It needs a part and the part is not available anywhere in my area. It is being sent from Ontario. That is the vehicle I was going to use. I should get it back next week.

I had plans to leave Friday and meet up with someone for a short roadtrip. The person came down with something, not COVID. I cancelled my time off and I am rescheduling. Most of what I have planned or scheduled this year has rarely worked out. That is not a complaint, it is an observation.

Spending my time re-evaluating a few things. My friend died recently and left a lot of things unfinished and a lot of things that he did not accomplish. I do not want to be that person. There is not a lot that I want to do but there are a few things. I have just been thinking how I want to spend the future and what is really important.


  1. Sounds like the universe conspired against you getting away this weekend. I'm a believer that if things are put in your way it's best not to go. Better to be safe than sorry.

  2. Life is takes something happening to realize that. Well it did for me.

  3. That is a bummer for sure. Especially since someone was meeting up with you.
    Let the wind be your compass and the stars your map.