Sunday 21 June 2020

Badgered in Saskatchewan

I was driving down a rural road in Saskatchewan and found I was kind of on the  wrong road to get to my destination. I found a place to turn around and as soon as I stopped on the side of the road four young badgers came out of the tall grass to investigate. You can see the fourth one where the road meets the grass. They all came right up to the truck snarling and hissing then retreated back into the grass once they were sure I was sufficiently intimidated.

The whole episode was amusing.


  1. Now that was worth the wrong road adventure.

  2. That is all kinds of neat!

  3. That's so cool! I've never seen a badger in the wild.

    Coincidentally, I visited Badger, Manitoba for the first time this weekend.

  4. I've never seen a badger - how cool! And to have them think they could take on a vehicle.