Sunday 15 March 2020

This happened again

I was at work and one of our clients called. She is an older lady and I discussed her file with her and gave her the information she needed. During the call she interrupted me to say that I have a voice for radio and I should really be on a radio station.

The amusing thing is that I have been told this many times in the past. Once when I was at my drycleaner and talking to him and his wife, who I had known for years who both owned and operated the business, a guy walked in, listened to the conversation for a minute, then  interrupted to say to me "You, (slight pause) you have a voice for radio." I politely thanked him and said I do not work in radio. Personally I have no idea how one goes about working in radio.

Hopefully I do not have a face for radio.  


  1. Ha ha, that's how Peter Mansbridge got started in his career. But he was able to get on at CBC and the rest is history.

  2. You stole the 'face for radio' joke! :-)

  3. Perhaps you should be thinking about a career change?

  4. Maybe you could do commercials or voice overs!